Thursday, October 28, 2010

Earth Elementals Soaps

My teeth hurt.  Earlier this year, I became painfully aware that neither the sensitivity I was experiencing in my teeth nor my receding gums were going away any time soon. Following some online research, I set out to find a Canadian company that sold a natural, fluoride-free "tooth soap" product, similar to those I saw available on several American sites.  To my surprise - and disappointment - I was unable to find one.  Making a list of the tooth soap's basic ingredients, and began emailing various soap makers here in Canada.

I felt like I'd hit the jackpot when Lynn Cummings, owner of Earth Elementals Soaps in Hammonds Plains, NS, responded to my inquiry.  Not only did she not think I was nuts for requesting a soap suitable for brushing teeth, but she did have just the soap, with the pure, non-toxic ingredients I was looking for.  (Coincidentally, the soap is called, "The Basics"!)

Containing nothing more than saponified oils of olive, coconut, and palm and distilled water, this seems about as pure as a soap can get.  It even smelled remarkably clean. A redundant thing to say, I suppose, when describing a cleaning agent!  What I mean is there was a pleasant and distinct lack of the chemical scents I usually associate with soap.

I encourage you to visit Lynn's lovely website.  In addition to offering a wide variety of scrumptious smelling soaps ("Harvest Moon Pumpkin" gets rave reviews), she carries lip balms, eco-friendly biodegradable laundry powder, scented spritzers, coco butter bath melts, body creams, and even a 100% natural dog shampoo, inspired by her black Labrador retriever, Raoul!  All Lynn's products are simply and tastefully packaged.

Other fab things about Earth Elementals Soaps...
  • Earth Elementals Soap use only plant-based oils and butters, essential oils, herbs, and botanicals.
  • Absolutely no synthetics, dyes, petroleum-based products or artificial scents are used
  • Soap labels are printed on 100% recycled paper
  • Two varieties unscented soap and a laundry detergent are available, suitable for very sensitive skin
  • $1.00 from the purchase of every dog shampoo bar goes to the Nova Scotia SPCA. 
  • $1.00 of every bar of Treehugger soap (pictured here) will be donated to the Hope for Wildlife Society
  • Products are available to purchase through the Earth Elementals Website, shipped across Canada and internationally.  Customized gift baskets are available.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I have been using The Basics as my tooth soap since March.  I won't ever ever love the taste - after all, soap tastes like soap!  The benefits, though, have been worth it.  There has been a definite improvement in tooth sensitivity and my gums appear healthier since starting to brush with The Basics.   My dental check-up this summer went smoothly, and I was told, "Whatever you're doing, keep it up!"  I had a bit of a giggle imagining my hygienist's reaction had I sprung my secret on her.

Note: This is NOT a recommendation that anyone toss their usual toothpaste and start foaming at the mouth with soap instead.  Please do your own research before deciding whether to try alternative dental care methods.  Better still, consult with your naturopath or dentist.  And NEVER use standard commercial soap for this purpose.

More toothy goodness in an upcoming blog....

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