Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lady Dragon Glassworks

 Following a week of wild laughter, sight-seeing, and long girly chats with my friend in Toronto, I was on the hunt for the perfect thank-you gift. After a fruitless 3 hour search, it was with reluctance that I entered one last store to try my luck. Near the cash, a small basket of charming glass pendant necklaces caught my eye. That was it!  My selection made, I wrapped the pendant, mailed it to my friend, (she loved it! :-) and in the next few months bought several more.

Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Lady Dragon Glassworks founder Vanessa Gaudet hand sculpts these unique glass pendants, and her creations cover the whimsical, elegant, and abstract. Of the designs she offers, I have seen up close (or purchased!) the Frog, Seahorse, Spirit Bear, Starfish, Turtle, Ghost, Flower pendants, Fireworks, Mermaid, and Goddess. All are beautiful, but my favorites are the Ghost, Seahorse, and Frog. The Frog is extremely cute (as you can see!), contentedly gazing up from his "lily pad", and appears to be on the verge of speaking at any moment! I frequently receive compliments wearing Vanessa's pendants, and they have proven to be appropriate gifts for all ages. I have given a flower pendant to a young friend, and a ghost pendant to Mom for her 65th birthday. Both adored their necklaces!

Lady Dragon pendants are sold in various boutiques across Canada and can be purchased online at the business's web site, which features an interactive gallery showcasing all the designs.

Stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway...!  ;-)

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  1. Hey, Dawn! It's Holly Lindin from Project Avalon! :)

    Lady Dragon's lampworking is just beautiful. I have my own jewellery and creations business here in Ontario called BerrySugar (our website is http://www.berrysugar.net :)), so I'm always interested in new and creative jewels and the like. Lampworking is actually something I look forward to doing myself in the future, as it would definitely add yet another homemade piece into BerrySugar. (I've recently been making my own colourful clay beads for this same reason.)

    This'll be an interesting blog, I think! Lots of creative and unique things, which I just appreciate so much. And hey, if you enjoy our stuff and would love to do a BerrySugar exposé, I'm all for it. ;)

    I hope you're doing wonderfully, and I send you tons of Peace, Unity, Love, and Light!