Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pure Anada Cosmetics

Sensitive Skin vs Mainstream Make-up.

Oh, the itchy torture!  Three years ago, after a rather nasty reaction to a major label foundation, I decided to go on the hunt for a line of make-up that would be kinder to my skin.  I found it in Pure Anada cosmetics, a line of mineral make-up manufactured in Manitoba, Canada from natural ingredients responsibly purchased from around the world.  Founder Candice Grenier created this line, free of artificial fragrances, colourants, and preservatives,  in response to her own desire for a line of gentle make-up that she, herself, could use.

The Pure Anada online shop is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and offers a wide variety of foundations, blushes, eye shadows, concealers and lipsticks.  I was hard-pressed to decide which colours - specifically, which foundations - would suit my complexion.  I decided to purchase the Deluxe Sample Pack, and I highly recommend it to other first-time shoppers.  The Deluxe Sample Pack includes 6 small bags of foundation powder and 20 small bags of mineral colour - your choice of any of the shadows, blushes, bronzers, or liners.  This is a fun and cost effective way to try a variety of shades! The pack also comes with a mini foundation brush - essential for the correct application of mineral foundation - and a gift certificate to be used towards your next purchase.  This is a great deal!

I was so pleased with the performance of my sample pack powders, I soon made my next purchase.  My favorite items include...

Latte eyeshadow (matte)   This has become one of my preferred "every day" shadows.  It is very natural looking, feels light, and almost any accent shadow - bright or neutral - blends well with it. I also loved Close to Cocoa (warm brown, satin), Wisteria (sweet lavender, satin) and Cornflower (soft blue, satin) as accent shadows.

Petal blush (luminous) Possibly my favorite of all the products I have tried from Pure Anada Cosmetics so far.  I am pretty devoted to this blush.  I reviewed it on site, describing it as, "..a very light, fresh, young pink that is perfect for Spring and Summer. Being in my mid-30's, I wondered if I could pull off this kind of pink but it has turned out to be rejuvenation in a jar in terms of how refreshed my skin looks when I apply it."
Glow Minerals Finishing Veil  Think air-brushing, but in person!  This product can be applied over your make-up for a translucent effect that softens fine lines and pores.  A very nice touch when heading out for the evening with that special someone, attending a party, or other special occasion.  The Mineral Finishing Veil can also be used on its own for a clean, polished look with the added benefit of natural SPF 10 skin protection.

Natural Oval Fluff Brush  Made with 100% natural bristles, this is my preferred eyeshadow brush.  I have had mine for two years, and with proper care, it still looks - and performs - like new.  Also great for applying concealer.

Saffron Colour Corrector  I admit, my first reaction when I opened this jar, was an astonished, "Whoa!  I don't think so!"  It is a matte, fine, very yellow powder and I assumed there was no way this would blend with my other make-up or look natural on my skin.  I am happy to report I was wrong, and it has proven to be a good product to help conceal dark circles under the eyes and redness around the nose or chin.  Best suited for light complexions.

Need some help deciding which colours would look best on you?  Check out the Photo Gallery to see models with a range of skin tones wearing Pure Anada cosmetics.

The application of loose mineral make-up is a bit different from what you may be used to.  This helpful guide will get you started off on the right foot and looking fabulous in no time!

Pure Anada Cosmetic's Youtube Channel, which includes make-up tutorials and information about the line.

"Be Mine" Princess Gift Pack - If there is a little girl in your life who loves shimmer and sparkle, this kit, containing Cinnamon Smooch Lip Shimmer and Be Mine Shimmer Powder, is for her! Products are made from natural and organic ingredients and have just a hint of colour, suitable for little princesses.  Best of all, ALL profits from the sale of this pack are donated to Compassion Canada's Haiti Relief fund. What a perfect holiday gift!

Pure Anada cosmetics can be purchased at select retailers and online.  A variety of other products, including fragrance, skin care, and a bath & body line, is available through the site, as well as gift vouchers, international shipping, and the option of creating your very own wish list.

I would love to read your comments!  Is Pure Anada new to you?  What products would be on YOUR wish list at The Pure Boutique?


  1. Wow, these products look really amazing!! Checked out the website and also the videos on Youtube and it makes me want to try out so many things now! :D
    Lovely review again, thanks!:)

  2. Great review! The Saffron Colour Correcter sounds like something I'd like to try but I shy away from powdery products under they eyes...those little lines don't need any help standing out, lol. Did you have any problem with that or is it all in the application technique?

  3. Hi Tart! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I haven't had any problems with that, though what I *have* learned is to apply LESS than I think I will need, and then apply light layers until I get the desired effect. For me, the saffron colour corrector's strength is in diminishing redness (e.g., blemishes, cheeks, chin), and that's what I use it for most.

  4. Thanks so much for another amazing review!
    Truly enjoy your blog - very impressive, and so thoughtfully done.

  5. I have been looking for new & different Cosmetics not only for myself, but my 3 teen aged daughters. I have been looking at getting mineral cosmetics vs. regualr cosmetics, and I am VERY interested in several of Pure Anada's products. I love how the offer samples of their products!! This is a great way for me to introduce my daughters to these cometics as well as my self.

  6. What a great alternative to the norm, these sound like wonderful products!

  7. I will have to check into this company. Thanks for your review. mrs.shopper@simplyshopandsave.c