Saturday, January 1, 2011

Let There Be Light

    We usher in a New Year, finding ourselves in the depths of winter's cold and darkness.  For me, it is a period of reflection, a time to relish solitude.  I instinctively seek out a source of light that enhances this period of introspection and makes the long days brighter.  Pure beeswax candles fill the need perfectly, emitting a distinct, almost sacred quality of golden light and a soft, warm scent of honey.  I absolutely love pure beeswax candles.  I cannot imagine passing through the winter months without them in my home. If you'll excuse the pun, no others on the market can hold a candle to them in terms of light quality, scent, health benefits, and burning time.

     One of my favorite producers of pure beeswax candles has to be the Cheeky Bee Candle Company (Warkworth, ON), started in 1999 by owners Perry Melzack and Amanda Gardner.  I even love the name.  Go on...say "Cheeky Bee" three times fast and see if it doesn't leave you smiling! These are the beeswax candles I am most familiar with and receive most often as gifts from family and friends.  They burn evenly, giving off a delicate, sweet scent and last a long time with proper wick maintenance. An all-natural plant fibre wick is used in Cheeky Bee candles - no harmful lead or zinc.  The beeswax used is sourced locally, and Amanda and Perry take pride in the fact that all their candles are completely handcrafted using traditional methods. In a small factory where plugged-in equipment in conspicuously absent, each candle is carefully hand poured, hand dripped, hand dipped, and hand finished.  A variety of styles are produced (e.g., smooth pillars, multi-wicks, votives, tea lights, dripped, tapers) in original, natural gold, and rustic butterscotch colours, as well as a striking naturally filtered ivory.

    The warmth and authenticity of Cheeky Bee candles seem to be a reflection of the same qualities so evident in owners Perry and Amanda. It is clear to me, through our communications, that they love their community, their neighbors, their craft, and each other.  Browse their online catalog and simply call or email to place your order.  You will receive prompt, friendly customer service. You might also wish to visit the lovely Warkworth Gallery Perry & Amanda own that features their candles as well as other beautiful, handcrafted items, including hand carved chairs, heirloom quality dolls, jewelry, and original artwork. 


  1. It is so different that candles are made from natural ingredients and no chemicals! So different! Thanks for the post
    Happy New Year, Dawson! Mrs. Shopper

  2. Wow I love those candles, they look really great.. Glad to be following your blog..